Mike Green

My father opened Hercules Fence in 1960. I’ve been installing, managing, and supervising fence construction since 1965. Atlas & Hercules Fence is a Florida-based company that does residential, commercial and industrial grade fencing. From replacing a walk gate in your existing back yard fence to building you an entirely new fence where none exists today, Atlas & Hercules Fence is the right choice for you. We build nearly any type of fence you can imagine, however our specialties are Wood and Vinyl Privacy fences, Ranch Style fences, Vinyl or Galvanized Chain Link fence, Security fencing, Aluminum Fences and PVC fences.

For nearly 50 years, Hercules & Atlas Fence has been building high quality fences. Hercules Fence has merged a wealth of experience and skill into a company that has earned a remarkable reputation as a leading fence company in Brevard County. We combine our strengths to create an unbeatable force in fence construction. My Dad promised in 1960 that we would always operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship.

Honesty, Integrity and Quality Workmanship

We take great pride in our quality of workmanship, honesty and fair pricing. We believe that if you’re happy with the fence job we do, you’ll tell others about your experience with us.

We will build you the fence you want. Period. No surprises or disappointments. We’ll manage your job from start to finish and promise 100% satisfaction when we’re done. We’ll be done on time as we say, and we’ll stand behind our work and products 100%. After fifty years of building Brevard County fences, we’ve earned a reputation as one of Florida’s best fence contractors.

Ground-Up Fence Construction

Need a Brand New Fence?. We can build your Wood, Vinyl or Chain Link fence from the Ground-Up with our professional team.

Fence Add-Ons

Need an addition or new gate? We can match your fence type, height along with seemless integration into your property.

Fence Renovations

Atlas & Hercules Fence is a full-service fence contractor, providing fencing services any type of renovation needed.

Fence Repairs

Damaged or worn down fence? We can provide complete fence repair and replacement services for fences that have been damaged by weather.